Toe Touch Tips

toe touch cheerleading jump

Toe Touches are by the far the most popular jump in cheerleading. Here are some tips for you to perform your Best Toe Touch EVER this season!

First, you have to start with your flexibility – how do you get more flexible? Regular stretches of course! If you need information on some great cheerleading stretches to add to your daily routine, these are great.

Second, you can’t just bust out a toe touch that’s worthy of a first place trophy without properly warming up. Always always always warm up your muscles before practicing and performing cheerleading jumps like toe touches.

Third, you can improve your toe touches by incorporating some drills into your cheerleading practices. Here are some great  cheer exercises for improving your strength and power in your jumps.

Fourth, practice doesn’t make perfect….perfect practice makes perfect!

Avoid making these rookie cheerleading jump mistakes when practicing your toe touch:

  • MISTAKE 1: Actually trying to touch your toes in a toe touch is bad form. Be sure you have the right technique for where to place your arms, so you get as much lift as possible.
  • MISTAKE 2: Leaning your chest forward is a rookie mistake. Talk about cutting your jump short! Give yourself the extra air time by keeping your chest up (and the crowd can see your cheer smiles better, too. Bonus!)
  • MISTAKE 3: Not rotating your leg from the hip. This sounds complicated, but all you have to do to see if you’re doing it right…is check out your shoe laces. If your shoe laces are pointing toward the audience – You’re not rotating your hips out and you’ll never have A++ jumps. So, be sure that your shoe laces are pointing to the back, and the crowd sees the bottom of your cheer shoes in mid-air! THAT’s what hyper-extended jumps are made of!

Now get out there and rock those awesome toe touches at your next cheer performance!

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