8 Most Common Cheer Jump Mistakes

Mistakes to avoid in cheerleading jumps
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Can you spot the DONT's in this jump?

Are you making one of the 8 mistakes most common in cheerleading jumps?

Don’t practice bad habits! Coaches, watch out for these cheer jump DONT’s at your squad’s practices:

1.) DON’T start with your feet apart- Start feet together for the most power and lift off the floor (feet together is also clean when you perform jumps as a squad).

2.) DON’T double prep – Tendencies to “double-bounce” or add and extra bend of the knees before taking the big dip is a big no-no. You’re cutting off momentum, wasting energy, and worst of all – you won’t match the rest of your squad’s timing.

3.) DON’T flex your feet – Keep toes pointed! (It’s every cheer judge’s pet peeve to see flexed feet!) Don’t be the one.

4.) DON’T drop your chest – Dropped chest = low jumps. Don’t cut yourself short, keep chests up in jumps and show off that smile (and good form) to the crowd.

5.) Toe Touch? DON’T actually touch your toes – Reaching down to your toes brings your chest down and makes your jumps low. Practice good technique, and work your flexibility up to hyper-extended toe touches, and kick your legs behind your arms for that “WOW!” factor.

7.) DON’T bend your legs on the way down – You’ll need to snap your legs and feet together for the best landings. Bent legs on the way down looks like you only concentrated on the first half of the jump, then left the rest to gravity. Snap legs up, and snap them down to keep it clean!

8.) DON’T land stiff – Always land with your feet together, with bent knees to absorb your landings. Do this EVERY time to save your joints from pain and injury.

Last but not least….don’t forget about good motion technique while performing your jumps. Be sure your arm motions are just as sharp and snappy as your cheerleading jumps!



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